When you ask someone how they stand, you may be inquiring about their viewpoint on an issue at hand. Another meaning of the phrase could refer to what position your body takes when you have feelings such as slumping when you are discouraged or making square shoulders when you are ready to take on a serious challenge.

The reason for addressing this subject is that psychologists have discovered that you can decide how you want to feel and bring it on by changing the expression on your face. If you need to solve a problem or remember a name, the psychologists suggest that you try putting a thoughtful expression on your face and see if that brings up an answer. Or if you want to feel happy, you might act as if you are and break out with a sunny smile. You may be surprised to discover the positive influence you have created.

And so just let your body expression reflect your desired feeling and then be surprised when the mind comes through with the desired answer or feeling and you will have a new answer to how you stand.

Gregory B. Anderson-director

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