Here is an interesting realization that may cause you to change your life pattern or at least the things you strive to develop.  Those who are charged with responsibility to hire employees or to choose people with whom they will be otherwise associated, have learned to look for those who have some lasting personality traits that make them valued persons.   Here is the list:


The first quality is intelligence.  This is the ability and willingness to solve problems and accomplish worthwhile things.  This also refers to a level of common sense and ability to deal with everyday challenges.


The second quality is leadership ability.  This is someone with te willingness and ability to accept responsibility for results.  This person doesn’t need to the titled leader but just one who can see what is to be accomplished and is willing to provide support and help in accomplishing it.


Integrity is number three on the list.  This is probably the most important quality.  This means that a person is perfectly honest in relationships with others and never has a negative thought or comment about anyone. 


Number four is likability and the willingness to work as part of a team.  This may suggest the willingness to make adjustments to thinking of other associates.


Competence is the fifth quality which means the ability to get the job done.


So if we want to become a valued person we can work diligently to develop these five traits and  in so doing to become a valued person. 


Gregor y B. Anderson–director 

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