There it a wonderful feeling that comes at the end of the day when you realize that you accomplished the things you planned to accomplish when you started the day.   If sometimes you end the day only wishing that you had done so, the information that follows will be very helpful.


You awake each morning with a purpose.   The day is something you can control, something on which you can exert your will and discipline.  You should decide what you want to accomplish and determine what methods you’re going to use.  If you start the day with a purpose and a system, you will arrive at the end of the day with great satisfaction.


Here are some ideas that will help you to obtain this satisfaction:


For starters, experience dictates that you should write your goals for the day down on paper.  This is your plan.  Although this list can certainly be altered as the events of the day occur, it still provides a working outline.


Next, carry around some index cards on which you can write brilliant ideas you have during the day.   If you get an unrelated but brilliant idea, you can make a note of it and give it some time later.


If you find that you have several unpleasant phone calls to make, take care of them early in the day.  By disposing of these, you will be able to stay on the positive side the rest of the day.


That is for starters.  It will help you to make each day a day of accomplishment–a day when you get things done.

       - Arthur S. Anderson

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