Hopefully you enjoy what you do every day.  If this is not your situation or if you occasionally have a bad hair day, here is some advice that will help to make every day one in which you like what you do.  Here is the process:


1.  Focus mentally on the challenge and sense of purpose that drives you.


2.  Recall the earlier part of your life when you approached each day wondering what would happen to make each day exciting.


3.   Don’t allow others to talk you out of the routine you truly love.


4.  Spend your spare time with friends whose who have motivations that are the same as yours                                                                                                                                                                   and share your thoughts with them.


5.  Live in the “now.”   This is to say that every new day has a new potential.


6.   Use part of your energy to be competitive but don’t waste time trying to bring other people to your way of thinking.


If you can keep this attitude, you will be happy every morning in anticipation of another enjoyable day doing what you like     to do. 



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