You know it is in your brain because you remember putting it there, but getting it out when it is needed is not always easy.  This must have been a problem for others before it was a problem for you, so perhaps you would be interested in the combined thoughts of those who have worked diligently to find an answer.


First, it just stands to reason that if you think you might want to retrieve an interesting piece of information some day, it would be a good idea to put it in a secure place where you would be able to find it with reasonable ease.  Perhaps putting things in catagories would be a good idea.  That means putting things in logical places.


When it is time to put something away for possible recall, do a fast mental search to determine if there is a file in existance that would relate.  Doing this little drill will be worth the time spent.


Two times have been especially good for catagorizing.   They are first thing in the morning when the mind is uncluttered, and at the end of the day when all events of the day can be classified and things of doubtful future use can be mentally discarded.


An essential purpose in all of this is to have a reservoir of  useful information anxiouusly awaiting your attention when you need it.


Gregory B. Anderson–Director

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