Maybe in your daily routine, you see something that in your opinion could be changed profitably but fear that advocating it would disturb your relationship with those who would be effected by the change.  These might be your work associates, club members, community friends, even family members and others.   Here are some ideas that may help you to have it your way.


1. Propose a change on a trial basis with a promise to abandon it if it proves to be a bad  idea.

2. Justify the change on the basis of it’s desirable effect on a larger group.

3. Gradually cultivate alternative ideas in the minds of others with sensitivity. 

4. Suggest to the group that they consider the positive effect the proposed change could have in future years.  This tends to at least stimulate the thoughts of the potential opposition to more open thinking.


If you have tried all of these without success, just wait until you are inspired to try again.  But don’t give up until you feel yours is the best way.


Gregory B. Anderson–Director

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