Life really is about time.  Everything we do involves time.   That is why it is not at all unusual for the recipient of a request for some kind of service to receive a reply about our not having time to accommodate the request.   Reasons for not having time to respond to the service request would fill a book. 


Reasons for not doing many things we would like to do are also many.   We would like to exercise more, but we don’t have time.  We would like to do more with the kids, but we don’t have time. We should search for some healthier dinner recipes, but we don’t have time.


It really is not a matter of not having time.  It is really the problem of deciding what we are willing to give up to make time for the new want.   We know that we have things we have a habit of doing regularly without even thinking about them. 


So start by making a list of these.  Next, write out your routine and take pride in it.   With this in place, have a time each morning to plan your day and see if there are any candidates for change in your routine.  Make it a rule that any change must have endured at least a 24 hour thought period.


That’s the routine and if you follow it, there is a good chance that you will make the best use of every minute. 

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