To say that James Madison was years in the making would be true if you count all the years of his life because he never stopped learning.  In fact, it is generally agreed as of the current year, that he was by far the best educated President the United States has ever had.


He was born during the time of the original organization of the American colonies.  At age 11, he was sent to a plantation boarding school which was 70 miles from his home.  He stayed and learned there for five years and became proficient in math, science, Latin, French and Greek.  He then passed a test that enabled him to enter college as a sophomore after which he succeeded in finishing his junior and senior years of schooling in one year. 


These are some of the things he accomplished with the studies thus completed:


1.  He helped to prove that a democratic government by the people is superior to one ruled by a king.


2.  He was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence.


3.  He originated the form of government that has endured in the United States to the current  day with voices representing Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches working together  to establish a balance of power.  As a member of the House of Representatives, he was  chosen to draft the Bill of Rights guaranteeing freedom of speech, religion, the right of  assembly and more.  This document stands firm to the present day.


4.  He served two terms as President of the United States much of which was during the time of  the battle for independence from England.


5. He influenced the movement to free the slaves.


To his dying day, he was still learning, writing, and being an influence for good.  James Madison
is surely an example of many desirable virtues and was a lifetime in the making. 


Gregory B. Anderson–director

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