You hear this expression mostly around graduation time and in case you didn’t have Latin at any time in your studies  you can still have an appreciation for those whose work is of superior quality and have qualified for the title.  Magna means “great. ” maybe even magnificent; cum means “with” and laude means “with praise’.  While the number who receive this title from recognized educational institutions, is small, it really is a title which could be applied to many outside of the educational field.


Certainly the most important and worthwhile part of daily work is the improvement that takes place in individual lives.  We hopefully have the instinct to improve –to become magnum cum laude in  every day living.   The title belongs to all those who are reaching upward and striving vigorously to improve.  


So it is well to start every day with the determination to improve ourselves in some way that brings us closer and closer to magnum cum laude status and to deep down happiness.  We may not march across a stage in cap and gown or see our name atop of a graduation program but the title can be rightly claimed whether expressed in Latin or English.. We can truly qualify for this title with great praise.


Gregory B. Anderson–director

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