So why is it so important to be likable?   The simple answer is because other people will then respond positively to your requests  and make your life more rewarding.


If you are interested, here are 10 ways to be more likable:


1.  Be an interested listener.   You will discover that others will be interested in you as they see you are interested in them.


2.  Control your attitude or it will control you.


3.  Do what needs to be done when it needs to be done regardless of the consequences. 


4.  Be patient.  It may take you longer than you thought accomplishment might take.


5.  Remember that you may not be entirely responsible for what you are, but you surely are responsible for what you become.


6.  Seek not the one who has the most but the one who needs you most.


7.  You don’t need to change friends when you notice your friends change.


8.  Two people can view the same thing and see something entirely different.


9.  A little humor at the right time can provide a welcome lift.


10.  It is a good idea to repeat or confirm the other person’s statement.  It goes a long way towards making you a likable person.

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