There have been enough surveys and other information gathered to suggest that only a very small percentage of New Years resolutions are acted upon satisfactorily.  But what if you  resolved to act in a special way for just one day .  That sounds a lot more practical.  Here is the system:


You wake up in the morning with a full day ahead.  Forget about yesterday regardless of whatever the day brought.   What you may not be able to do for a lifetime, you can surely do for a day.  Anyone can keep his temper for a day and guard the way he speaks.  Anyone can be    happy for a day and spread happiness around.   



 Approach  each day as if it were a lifetime.  Wake up in the morning and be mentally born again.  You can approach it in whatever you want.  You don’t need to brood over yesterday. What you may not be able do for a lifetime, you can do for a day  You can be gloriously happy for a day and spread happiness around.  You can be kind, thoughtful and considerate for a day.  You can endeavor to learn something new each day and mark some growth all one day at a time.


Gregory B. Anderson-Director 

On the same is one of my favorite YOUTUBE video descriptions about our use of time.  ENJOY!

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