Partcipating and non participating dentist in same practice

Dear Crowns, Would like your thoughts on this one.

Twenty one years ago I purchased a practice and decided up front that I would not participate in any plans. One year later I took on a partner who decided to participate to "build up" his patient population. We function as two pseudo practices within a corporation. He yearly ponders the question of wheather to continue to participate or not but ends up keeping the same status due to the fear of losing too many patients espiecially now that our schdules seem to have more  oppotunities than I would like. Now for the rest of the story:


                The other day a patient informed me at the front desk that she tried to refer a patient to me but was given an appiontment with my partner. When I asked my office manager about this she said that the patient requested a participating dentist. My patient with a curious look said she didn't understand ... she had the same insurance he did. Needless to say it was an Immodium Moment and yes I was running behind in my schedule!  She said she wanted to refer me another patient.

Please share your thoughts on how one may best handle this potential ongoing situation.          Jay


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