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If we have just ordinary ambition, we will be constantly seeking ways to improve our skills and abilities.  In this process, it is interesting to take a lesson from the coaches that are training athletes to be successful competitors.   One very successful coach claims to have discovered that you can’t train your body or exceed at anything before you train the brain.   You can’t commit to excellence until your mind is ready to take you there.  Teach the mind to train the body.


The true measure of an individual is determined by what you can’t measure --- the intangibles. Anyone can measure weight, height, physical strength, speed but you can’t measure commitment, resistance, or instinctive power.  These are things that start in the brain. That’s where the true work begins.   Just concentrate on the brain asking it to crave the result so intently that the work will follow almost automatically.


So it appears that you can just put a strain on the brain and the brain will put a strain on the body and you will have a formula that will provide you with success.

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