You may have read a book or even a newspaper article and have an associate who claims to have read the same, but the chances are great that you and your associate did not get the same information out of it.   The difference is in what you put into it.


The “put into it” goes something like this:   You begin to read a discourse on some interesting subject. After you are into it for a few paragraphs, you stop and think about what has been described or said.  You put into it mentally things you already know about the subject.  In so doing, you have enlarged the regular meaning and perhaps thought up a whole new idea by adding your thoughts to those of the author.  By association and addition, you can get much more our of a book or other writing than there is in it.


If you are not following this course, this would be a good time to start following this procedure.   Continue to read and let the words stimulate your thinking as you ad your existing knowledge to what you are reading.   You will then be far ahead of the ordinary reader. 


Chances are good that with this reading you can generate something you may not have imagined you could create.  All you have to do is put yourself into it.   


 Gregory B. Anderson–director                                                          

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