Here's another idea to promote Smiles for Life.  I set Dr. Michael Edwards of Optima Dental Group in Union, MO up with an interview on a local radio station to talk about our Smiles for LIfe whitening promotion.  We chose St. Louis Children's Hospital's Healthy Kids Express Dental Van to receive half of our donations.  The dental van is like a dentist's office on wheels that travels to underprivileged neighborhoods to treat children.  A full-time dentist and dental assistant treated more than 1,800 children last year.  I asked that dentist to join in the radio interview to talk about what she sees when treating these needy children and how important donations are to this program.  It worked out very well!  Dr. Edwards gave the particulars of the whitening promotion and Dr. Wilson from the dental van talked about this important service and the children who benefit.  Just a thought.  Many times radio stations will welcome interviews, especially when the topic is of great interest as this one is.

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