Conventional wisdom has been that people are happy because they are successful.  But now come the researchers who made a study of 275,000 people and found that being happy is what makes people successful.  It is easy to believe the finding of the survey.  Happy people are easier to work with, more highly motivated and more willing to tackle difficult projects.  Thus, happy people are just more likely to be successful.  So be one of them with a ready smile on your face. 


The study on this subject confirmed that people who don’t smile have a negative impact on their friends, and even on people they don’t know.  Every happy friend that people have boosts their chances of happiness by nine percent.  On the other side, every grumpy friend decreases happiness of other people by seven percent.


One notable person who was on the positive side of the equation was President Abraham Lincoln who said, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up  their minds to be.”  So start with a smile.  Make smiling an essential part of your every day routine and it will make every day something to smile about.


Gregory B. Anderson–director                                                                   

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