Successful ASKing for Referrals in Owensboro, KY!

Hello all---I have spent the last two days working with Drs. Frey and Thompson and their "Diamond Divas" on their team (they actively look for their Acres of Diamonds...) and wanted to share that this practice has doubled their New Patient Flow in the last 6 months simply by ASKing more patients internally and externally to join their happy dental home.  We focused on how to identify at least two or more patients at the MOM and who has the best relationship with that patient, to ask them for the referral.  I'm finding more and more as I get a chance to spend time with many teams, the missing link has been taking that patient back to their original experience with you; to their emotion that they felt from the beginning until now.  The more teams are willing to talk to the patient and remind them of how far them come, it seems to make it easier to simply ASK, "Do you have a friend or family member that you care about that you think would benefit from the same positive experience you had with us?"   This team in Owensboro, Kentucky has focused on ASKing their patients, and had amazing results since!  Not to mention, a local coffee shop manager walked in to our team meeting yesterday simply to bring free goodies for us to eat and coffee samples---we all jumped at the chance of ASKing them if they had a happy dental home---and our rockin' hygienist, Robyn gave out her business cards with a personal offer for complimentary whitening when they came in.  It was great to watch!  We also asked if both Dr. Thompson and Dr. Frey could come in on a Saturday and "Pay it Forward" by purchasing $100 worth of coffee ahead of time, and while lounging in the back of the coffee shop, watched the cashier tell each patron, "You were treated to coffee and bagel today by Drs. Frey and Thompson...they wanted you to have a great morning!  ....And they are sitting over there in the corner...."   The manager was all for it....Kudos to Drs. Frey and Thompson for being willing to step out of the box and see what is possible!  Can anyone share more ideas of how to step it up and step out of the box?

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