The Art of Exceptional Self-Management

Though you may not realize it, self-management it not a matter of getting ahead of others, but of getting ahead of yourself. It is finding the best ways of getting things done.  Here is a formula that will help you to accomplish this very desirable status :


A good place to start is to break the tasks down into manageable parts which will simplify the complex and enable you to finish the big jobs one step at a time.  One substantial help in accomplishing this is making notes and letting pencil and paper remind you constantly of what you intended to accomplish;


A good helper along the way to  seek the counsel of wise men through their writings and using their wisdom and experience to lead you to efficiently.   With that as ammunition, it is natural and easy to establish goals and have a  program to reach them. It is possible then to organize your personal life for efficient living in all important areas--work, family and recreation.


With this accomplished you can promise yourself  rewards for work completed.  This will enable you to make the most of every minute and to be exceptionally self–managed.


Gregory B. Anderson - Director                                                                                                                                              

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