There comes to mind a candidate for state governor who had as his campaign slogan  “The Man with a Plan.”  What was implied was that his opponent was the type who would wait for things to happen and attempt to deal with them rather than make desirable things happen.  With the image of a planner, the candidate won the election.


As we think about this, the first ingredient in any success is planning.  The planner is one who guarantees accomplishment.  One is of little value without the other.  Here is a way to be a man (or a woman) with a plan:


1.  Describe a problem.


2.  Make a written detailed statement of what you plan to do about it.


3.  Make a written record of all of the possible solutions.


4.  Make a list of the resources of those who might oppose your solution.


5.  Prepare a written plan explaining exactly how you intend to proceed to overcome the resources of the  “enemy” in order to accomplish your objective. 


We clarify our thoughts and make them definite when we think them through and write them down in this manner.   We also make a deeper impression on our minds when we keep our ideas constantly before us in visual form with a timetable for solution attached.  


Now with a process in mind you can surely accomplish your goals by being a “Man with a Plan”.



Gregory B. Anderson–director

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