Here is an interesting discovery.  The  more we keep other people in our lives, the more productive we become.  Researchers have discovered that the more we work in association with other people, the more energetic and. productive .we tend to  be compared with those who work alone.  There is something about working together towards a common goal that causes each worker to want do his share and in fact to do more than his share.  All this is a worthy motivation.


Why is the work of others so compelling?   Why do we pay attention to what others do?   It is called social validation.  It is for the most part subconscious.


We think what we are contributing to any particular project is the result of  independent thinking   The truth is that the need to fit in is wired into the brain   We need to contribute what is equal or in excess of the amount given by our associates.  This is such a powerful motivation that when we tend to want to be like the others.


You may be on the telephone next to another volunteer and both of you are recruiting  additional workers or confirming appointments.   It ist’s just a built in human nature to want to be equal or maybe a little better than your associate.


Now that you are conscious of this matter of human nature.  One option would be to enjoy it without making your associate uncomfortable and another would be that if you are supervisor of your children or a community project, just play it for all it is worth. 


Gregory B. Anderson–director

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