Life is very much like a balance sheet containing debits and credits according to Brian Tracy, Chairman and CEO of a company specializing in training and developing individuals.  Here is the theory of the balance sheet.   Every time you do something positive to enhance your abilities   and to improve your life, you get credit on the credit side of the ledger.  Each time you waste some time, or neglect to take advantage of an opportunity to learn and grow, you get a debit on  the debit side of your ledger.


By applying the incremental improvement to yourself,  you can begin moving upward toward your goal. You can begin to move forward at a rapid rate. What you need to do is picture  your ledger and with each thing you do or say, you post a debit or credit to your balance sheet. All   you have to do is to do the same things over and over  until sooner or later you rise to the same level of proficiency as people around you whose proficiency you have admired.                                              

Generally speaking, you have the capacity to excel at anything that is really important to you.  If anyone else achieved a high level of competence in a field in which you are interested, then so can you.  All you have to do is the same things over and over until sooner or later you get the same results as they have.  Just give attention to what you are accumulating.


Gregory B. Anderson–director

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