The experts in mind development have much to say about the long term effect of what you put into your brain.  They make it clear that you can’t think big and be little; think righteously and be evil.  If good ideas run through your mind, you will soon be distinguished for your goodness.  Likewise, if you accumulate great ideas from someone else, you will soon resemble the greatness of that person.  If you concentrate on the characteristics of a teacher, surely enough you will soon assume the same characteristics.  We see evidence of this with married couples who live harmoniously together.  They often grow to resemble each other physically, mentally and socially.


With all this in mind, it would be wise to exercise firm control of everything that comes into your mind.  Your idea supply should come only from books, people, and other sources of the highest quality.  Those who are most serious about this mind feeding first acquire truth and then reduce it to writing. This process helps to engrave the mind with greater lasting impulse because you will tend to organize your thoughts more accurately when you write them down.


Of course the right kind of ideas do not come easily or automatically.  They need to be captured, impounded and preserved.  Then each good idea that you capture and domesticate will lead you to its relatives.  If  you examine an idea closely, you will find it is holding another idea by the hand.  Thus through one idea you may get acquainted with a whole family of interesting thoughts. 


May all this be your pattern for surely it will make of you a remarkable person.


Gregory B. Anderson–director

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