If you think back to your school days, you will realize that someone else told you what you wanted to know.  At least you had to know things long enough to make notes and retain them long enough to get them back on a test paper.  After that you had a choice.    You could decide to retain the information for future use or discard it permanently.   Knowing that continuous learning is a necessary part of life, it would be a good thing to have in mind a system for learning.   Here are some helpful things you may want to have in your learning reservoir:


1.    Choose carefully what you are willing to devote time to learning.   Realize that it is impossible to learn everything about everything. 


2.    Put aside the temptation to waste time on things that have no enduring importance to you.


3.    Be aware that there is a natural tendency to feel guilty if you don’t read every word in a book.  Choose what is important to you and go after it with determination while skipping rapidly over that which is repetitious or irrelevant.


4.  Start with what is familiar and move to that which is more complex.     Keep in mind that it is impossible to learn anything in an unfamiliar field until you have something to compare it with.  Begin where you have some background---or acquire some.  Then move forward with confidence.

5.   Keep asking why you want to retain any part of what you are exposed to.


With these things in mind, you will find joy in gaining knowledge.


Gregory B. Anderson--Director

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