Maybe you have had this experience: You are on the way to accomplishing a specific task and on the way you see something that reminds of another task you need to attend to.  So you take a temporary detour and in the process of attending to job number two, you see something that reminds you of another task that seems to need immediate attention.  At the end of the allowable time to accomplish job number some number of other jobs are half done.


The solution of course is in having a carefully assembled agenda that lists all of the needed jobs in their proper priority order.  Then when on the way to accomplish task number one you are tempted to change, you will see when the alternative task has its proper priority place and you can move ahead without the temptation to deviate.


If this makes sense to you, the following  helpful hints on agenda making may be most helpful:


Rule one is rather obvious.  It is to write it down.  Along with each items on the agenda should be a brief reason for accomplishing the task.   It may say that it is important to accomplish this task to make it easier to accomplish several of the other things on the agenda.


The second rule is to be s ure the order of things is in the best priority so t hat projects are accomplished in the most advantages order.   It should be so constructed as to prevent deviation from the order.


While on the subject of agendas, it is a good idea to have an agenda for the conduct of your life in general so that you accomplish all the things you intend to accomplish in a ver y orderly fashion including education, with a determination of  how you will deal with opposition from things like anger, fear or undue haste.


A successful businessman said that one of  the best aids for success was for everyone before undertaking any accomplishment to make up the with a  list of things he must do under any circumstances.


We should be sure we have the ability to plan, organize and follow an agenda that will enable us to accomplish all we intend to accomplish in the most efficient way possible.


Gregory B. Anderson–director 

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