Being kind surely makes you feel good and is a good reason to be alert to every opportunity to be kind and helpful In addition to feeling good, some psychologists have discovered new benefits that come to both the giver and receiver of acts of kindness. They say that acts of kindness affect the immune system of both the giver and the receiver. People who are kind sleep better, have pleasant dreams, and feel peaceful most of the time. If you are into a kindness program, you can enjoy looking back regularly and see how you have made a positive difference in the life of someone else.

You probably could come up with a lengthy list of acts of kindness that you have daily opportunity to perform. Here are some idea starters for your list:

1. Smile at everyone who won’t misinterpret your cordial nature, especially those who serve you regularly.

2. Mail or e-mail a friendly “Thinking of you” message to a friend or relative.

3. Call a friend on the phone with no request, just to be considerate and friendly.

4. Do a favor anonymously for a friend or neighbor.

5. Send a donation to your favorite charity

6. Send a friendly message to someone who is somewhat obscure and seldom recognized.

7. Send remembrance messages to your friends, relatives and associates recognizing birthdays, anniversaries, special events and significant accomplishments.

That is just a start of a list you can make that reflects your type of kindness. Incorporate the remembrances into your daily routine. Doing things for other people will make you feel good, and as a bonus it is nice to know that it is good for your health.

Gregory B. Anderson–director


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