One of the important objectives of each mature life is to learn to produce an adequate means of livelihood.  In order to provide ourselves with necessities of life, we go to school, develop our occupational know-how, take care of our health, and build our character.  If the intention is to be principally a wife and mother, the need for preparation applies here as well.


In addition to these things that are incoming, everyone needs an interest in life, excitement, and satisfaction large enough to put light in the eyes and joy in the heart.  We might refer to this as psychological income. If we are unable to  provide the mind, inspire the heart and motivate the ambition, we naturally have serious problems.


Everyone needs an income of interest, excitement, and satisfaction large enough to put light in the eyes, joy in the heart, ambition, and radiance in the spirit. One of the chief objectives of life is to build our psychic income so that we have a sizeable amount in reserve.


All education is about improving ourselves.  From the studies in medicine, we learn how to keep ourselves well physically. The studies that have been made in psychology, psychiatry, and others related to the mind, keep us well mentally.  Study of law helps us to keep out of trouble.


To produce a greater psychological income, we need to know more, think more, believe more work more, do more, live more, and be more.  We just need to work on this idea of increasing our psychological income.  


Gregory B. Andeerson–director

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