Somehow there never seems to be enough time to do everything you planned at the start of the day to do.  There would be plenty of time to complete the tasks on your plan-a-day, but somehow at the end of the day there are things left undone when the time runs out.  If you have this problem, a little help from the experts may be most welcome.


The common problem is that while in the process of performing a task you run on to another one  that will only take a few minutes to fix so you pause to take care of it.  That is not always the reason for not finishing the planned project but it is one of the principal ones.  Another problem is that when you are under pressure you make more mistakes which just increases the pressure.  Here are four excellent questions that you can ask yourself to increase your efficiency and increase your productivity.


1.  Ask yourself what your highest value tasks are?  What is it that you do that contributes the greatest value to your work?  You must be absolutely clear about the answer to this question. .


2.  What can I, and only I, do that if done well can make the most difference?   At any given time  there is only one answer to this question.  This is the sort of task that if you do not do it, it would remain undone.  But if you do it well, it can make a major difference.  Whatever it is you should be working on it above all else.


3.  With all this into consideration right now, determine if  you are doing what is most  important.


Your ability to ask and answer these questions on an hourly basis will keep you focused on your top priorities and performing at your best.  Discipline yourself to work only on the tasks that are your answer to these questions.  This can double your productivity and center you on what is the best use of your time. 


Gregory B. Anderson–director

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