What would you do if there was a difficult problem to solve and everyone else had exhausted their ideas leaving the solving to you?  In one such situation one psychologist, as a last resort, turned to some theories of Thomas Edison whom you know had a fairly good record as a problem solver.


One of his inventions was a device that he would use when he had a difficult problem to solve.  He would get himself into a comfortable position and hook himself up to a device that was sensitive to his nervous system.  He would then go into total relaxation.  Then at some unpredictable moment, the system would shut off and the alarm system would awaken him.


He would realize the short rest period had given his brain a recess to come up with unusual resources.


The next time you have a challenging problem for which no one seems to have an answer, you might find it advantageous to try the sleeping solution.


Gregory B.  Anderson--Director

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Comment by Mark Marion on February 21, 2015 at 7:22am

A teacher that I really respected used a technique that I have incorporated. In a stressful situation when it is easy to lose your focus he would stop, count to 10 to clear his thinking and then proceed with the task at hand. This little technique really helps to keep you focused and not blinded by the situation. Very similar to what Edison did Greg. When you don't have much time to go into a meditative state this works pretty well. Thanks, Greg

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