Maybe you have not thought about it this way.  Nevertheless, you are the president of you, of your life and of your own personal services corporation.  No matter who you serve, you are in business for yourself.  Regardless of who signs your paycheck (including if you sign your own), you are working for yourself from the day you take your first job to the day you retire.  

 Here is an exercise you can do to guarantee that you will be head of a first class company at all times.


First, write down a list of everything that you do on a regular basis.  Write out all your roles and the parts you play from the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night.  When you have completed this list, you will be astonished at how many skills you have developed and which you use on a regular basis. 


The second part of this self-disclosure and self-analysis exercise is to gather the various things you do into clusters.  Clusters might center on parenting, salesmanship, secretary, managing other people, and perhaps in being a friend.


Third is to apply yourself in places where you can make the greatest positive difference.  This will be an area where you get your highest return on energy spent. This will make you president over a very successful company whether you are working for someone else or not.


You are the president of you.  Go for it.



Gregory B. Anderson–director

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