Strictly speaking you can’t save time like you would save money in the bank.  You can only reallocate your time and usage from nonproductive things to areas of high value.     Herein lies the key to success.  Time management is the ability to choose the sequence of events. By exerting  your self-discipline with regard to time, you can choose what to do first, second, and not at all.   And you are always free to choose.


Some things you do are five times and even ten times more valuable than other things, and even though they take the same number of minutes and hours.  The most important things you do are big and difficult


You can tell the value that something has to you by the amount of time you invest in it.  The essence of time management is for you to discipline yourself to set year priorities and then stick to those priorities.  You must constently and deliberately select the most valuable and important things that you could be doing at any given time, and then discipline yourself to work solely on that task.

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